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because #choice is a basic human right

Our Ship Has Sailed in the Harbor of Smir, Morocco!


The entire port of Smir was shut down and full of Moroccan police to prevent the arrival of our ship. Moroccan warships were stationed in the harbor

However, late yesterday afternoon, we revealed that our ship was actually already there, and had been stationed within the marina several days ago. 

The boat sailed in the water, making noise and showing the banners with the Morocco Safe Abortion Hotline number: 0633234333 

Moroccan police then boarded our vessel and searched it completely, not allowing a lawyer to be present. The police found nothing incriminating, but then forced our ship to leave, escorting it out of the harbor. 

The Action was a HUGE SUCCESS.

And, it is not over… stay tuned for more… www.womenonwaves.org